Project Overview


What’s a better way to advertise your brand than channeling a fandom? Anteraja x JKT48 delivers that and beyond! When we first talked about this idea, we are excited to combine Anteraja’s bold and youthful character with JKT48’s charming and energetic persona.

The message Pasti Lebih Baik indicates how Anteraja can be integrated in user’s life. As a seller, Anteraja can help with their entrepreneurial journey from start. As a buyer, Anteraja provide services that they can choose depending on their comfort.

ECHO helps in amplifying this message while displaying an exhilarating blend of two dynamic forces, infusing the project with boundless energy and infectious joy, while the song “Flying High" by JKT48, further elevates the fun and excitement. The synergy between the two entities is palpable as the members of JKT48 bring their vibrant personalities to the screen, engaging viewers and leaving a lasting impression.


Client’s Name

Scope Of Work


: 2022

: AnterAja

: Digital Video and Campaign Development

: Digital Video and Social Media Management